Dorm parents feel that it is not only their job to look after your children’s physical needs, but also their emotional and spiritual needs and to promote their personal and social life and to have fun in the dorm. Consequently every Saturday they organise an activity for the boarders. This ranges from pamper nights, BBQs at the pool, formal dinners, talent nights, wide games, cooking competitions, sewing and, the highlight so far, an overnight trip at Nsobe (a game camp). These activities allow the children to get a break from school life and bond with their friends and dorm parents, creating treasured memories.

On Friday evenings 3 minute noodles come out for an evening snack followed by a dorm meeting and twice a month they have 'Cubbies'. You may ask now, Cubbies?! What's Cubbies? Well let me enlighten you. On those nights the girls may choose where they sleep, resulting in lots of mattresses on the floor and a good extra half an hour of chatting with each other.

Every two weeks the girls alternate with the boys to take a supervised trip into town. Alternatively, if they are not in town they have the opportunity to email their parents or guardians. On Sundays after lunch they also have the chance to escape from the heat and go for a swim and once a month they can go for a singalong session in town.

The Amano campus is big and the children, especially the boys, love playing a bit of football, volleyball and basketball when they feel like it. On Sundays they even have the opportunity to competitively play against some local boys.

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