Staff Vacancies

Current Needs

Current Needs

Primary School

Teachers who can teach mixed-age classes in all subjects, so that we can expand the Primary Department. Specialists in Special Needs, Music, Art and ICT are also needed.

Secondary School

  • English Language and Literature
  • French (IGCSE Level)
  • Art
  • Music
  • IT
  • Food/Textiles
  • Science

Some of these subject areas are currently covering, but need others to share the load. We would like to develop other subjects for which have no teachers at present.

Dormitory Staff

Kitchen Manager

Head Teacher or Principal

Staff Vacancies at Amano Christian School

Ideally we would like to have a group of committed teachers who serve here for an extended length of time, perhaps 2-5 years. Of course, we realize that some people are not called to serve on the mission field for that long and so our staff is made up of a mix of missionaries who have been at the school for various lengths of time. We really need a commitment of at least a year from our teachers but can accept applicants as teaching assistants for shorter periods (perhaps a minimum of half a term). Please feel free to discuss this via email if necessary.

All teaching staff should not only hold an appropriate qualification for the age and subjects they believe they are able to teach but if successful are also required to be flexible - the nature of mission work requires the ability to adapt to subjects or age groups that may not be our first choice, but it's amazing to see how God enables us to cope outside our comfort zone!

We welcome applications from anyone who is a committed Christian, a Bible-believing follower of Jesus Christ. Our Statement of Faith outlines the core beliefs of our school with which all staff must be happy to conform to. There are application forms to fill in that should be sent to the Secondary Head. Once these are assessed we will get back to you and may suggest you come for a visit or an interview. Sometimes we have asked our partnering organisations and Trustees in the UK,US and Germany to do this on our behalf. Suitably qualified Zambian teachers and dorm parents will be paid an appropriate salary. 

Application forms can be downloaded and sent to !

Application Forms

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