The Grade 6&7 Ndubaluba.

The Grade 6&7 Ndubaluba.

The Grade 6&7 classes spent 5 busy and activity-packed days at Ndubaluba, the Christian Outdoor Centre near Chengelo School. We enjoyed a week of challenges and teamwork in God’s beautiful outdoors.

Students reflected ‘It strengthened us mentally and physically and we learned lessons that will help throughout our lives.’

Morning devotions, Solitaire in the bush, and our evening campfires were special times for us all as we reflected on God’s greatness, closeness and involvement in our lives. Other activities included a climbing wall, kayaking, an assault course, crafts, initiative exercises, games and a ‘medic challenge’ where the ‘patient’ ( a big tyre) had to be transported and looked after. We also watched a short film about the calling and activities of Amy Carmichael, a missionary working in India.

We were very appreciative to the staff at Chengelo for their excellent leadership and involvement in all activities.

Written by Mrs Kirk