Staff focus

Staff focus

Meet Hilary Millard who has now been a staff member at Amano for 16 years.

Where are you from?
Originally from Harrow near London, England.

How did you come to serve at Amano?
Due to my Christian commitment I prayed a lot about what God wanted me to do with my life and the following is a brief summary of how I believe he led me to teach at Amano. Obviously lots of other things showed me this was God’s plan for my life, discussions with friends and church leaders, Bible verses and above all prayer. During my teacher training I was challenged about the need for teachers to teach missionaries’ children, so after teaching for 4 years in the UK, I went to All Nations Christian College for 2 years. Before and during that time I met up with teachers from Sakeji School in north-west Zambia, and I was able to visit there. While I was there a teacher had to retire for health reasons so there was a clear need for another teacher so I started teaching there in 1986. Later on, I knew people were praying about starting a Christian school in the Copperbelt and, as things were changing at Sakeji, I knew it was the right time to leave so I came to Chingola in 2003 to help get Amano ready to start in January 2004.

Amano is a special place having seen it grow from a few farm buildings to a vibrant school. I enjoy the responses of the children and the amazing work of God changing their lives.

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