Staff focus

Staff focus

Meet Matthias and Katja Bachmann from Germany.

Matthias is the secondary interim principal, teaches Christian Foundations and English. Katja leads the youth group, disciples and mentors students and is currently also leading the short term volunteers.

When Matthias and Katja were first married they prayed about where God would want them to serve as a couple. Missions was put more and more onto their hearts and God made it quite clear that they should pursue missions. After some time of praying, God led them to Liebenzell Mission where they heard about Amano.  Since Matthias is a trained teacher and Katja a youth pastor it seemed like the perfect fit to serve using their gifts and abilities. As they looked into the opportunity of serving at Amano,  God confirmed their way through Bible verses and conversations. Matthias and Katja went on to make the decision to come out to Amano and are glad they did!

 “What makes Amano special?”
Amano is a great environment. It is not just a school, but a place where we do life together. There is a great opportunity to share Gods love with the students that you get to know over the time that you are here. Amano is not just a working environment, but we all live together so through disciplining there is a great opportunity to invest in young peoples’ lives.  It is a special joy when you have students asking deep questions, seeking advice and growing or giving their lives to Jesus. We are blessed to be working here and it is a privilege to invest into the lives of these young people. 

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