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At Amano we try to give as broad an experience as our facilities allow, even with the school being still under development. Sport is seen as a tool by which we can teach values such as fair play, team work, effort, discipline and godliness, which are key life skills. We seek to develop the student's character and spiritual awareness through positive class environments, inter school competition and a house system. Whilst the latter often have extrinsic rewards attached to them we really value the development of students to intrinsically motivate themselves.

Success in Amano sport is not necessarily winning, though we do enjoy that, but doing one’s best. This is achieved when students find an activity they enjoy and can take further when they leave, continuing to learn through their experiences. It is also a great opportunity for students who find academics hard to still have a great school experience as they get an opportunity to show different talents. Offering IGCSE and AS level PE as academic subjects supports this.

Sport plays a big role in the full boarder's lives as they get opportunities to do something different and get off campus filling in some of their free time at weekends. Amano is heavily involved in the Independent Schools Association of Zambia (ISAZ) Sport programme. We are competitive in all inter-school events and continue having success at provincial and national level.


January-March: Netball, Badminton, Basic Floor Gymnastics, Rugby, Association Football, Cross-country and Swimming.

May-July: Athletics, Field Hockey and Cross-country.

September-December: Association Football, Swimming, Netball, Cricket, Rounders, Basketball and Volleyball.

Other activities: Table Tennis and Chess, International Adventure Racing, Tennis and Handball.






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