Public Speaking

Public Speaking

On Wednesday the 2nd of June, 2021, an oratory competition took place at Amano Christian School. The school houses were put into category of three age groups, namely: under 14, under 16 and under 19.

The under 14s were the first speakers. Their allotted time slot was much shorter than the under 16s and under 19s. The first person was the Kasompe representative. She entertained the crowd on the topic of “An Inexpensive Date”. Her focus was on the idea that you don’t have to spend too much money to enjoy your date. After all, it is all about the person you are spending time with that matters not the place. With a well-done research and clear representation, she came out third in her group.

The second under 14 Speaker was from Luano. He spoke with great courage for Luano on the topic: “Who is the Most Influential Person in my Life?” He mentioned that the most influential person in his life was his dad. With many good reasons to support his choice and a formal appearance, he came in second place.

The last under 14 speaker represented Musenga. She elaborated on the topic “Why Czechoslovakia is no Longer a Country”. She gave a historical background of the country, and some current details. Her speech was well crafted and her appearance quite formal. With all her fine work, she deserved her position; first place!

Having looked at the under 14s and their meticulous work, we’ll now have a look at the under 16 speakers. Each representative in this category had a time limit of 5 minutes. All topics were presented well and many marks were earned.

In this age group, the Musenga representative came in third place. He elaborated on the topic, “How Tourism Exploits Poor Countries and Benefits the Richer Ones”. He expressed his views about many poor countries and listed a few on rich ones. His speech was one that would definitely be relevant in real-life situations.

In second place was the Luano representative, who chose the topic “Animals Have Emotions”. Her main focus was on the fact that animals have feelings and we should therefore be mindful of them.  Many stood in awe at her formal appearance and the God-given gift of speech.

In first place was the Kasompe representative, whose topic should be taken into consideration in our very own country, Zambia. Her topic was “Why Zambia Should Have Optional Retirements?”. She gave many recommendable perspectives and answered the questions with astounding confidence.

Having covered the under 14 and under 16 categories, we’ll now take a look at the under 19s who had the most complex topics being spoken for 6 minutes.

In last place was the Luano representative, who spoke on the topic “Media Controls How and What we Think”. She gave information about studies done and declared that research has shown how the media is controlling individuals both positively and negatively. Her speech was well constructed and opened a new field of vision.

Secondly, was the Kasompe representative, who spoke on the topic of “eBooks are Better than Paper books”. She took the audience to different locations right in their seats and showed the benefits and disadvantages of both eBooks and paper books, let the crowd decide according to their preferences.

Lastly but most definitely not the least, was the Musenga Speaker, who came in first place with the topic of “Because it Was there”. This was no surprise because he chose a topic that might seem particularly odd into remarkable and stupendous prospect.

Each of the representatives entertained the audience with bewildering topics based on different themes. In conclusion, the event was overall enlightening and would most definitely be applicable in life.

Compiled and written by Christeta Masuwa & Francisca Kapayi