School life

What makes Amano Christian School different?

Life at Amano

Some would say their school days were the best days of their life. We certainly try to help our students enjoy their days here by providing interesting lessons, field trips and various extra-curricular activities, mainly musical, sporting or dramatics depending on the staff involved. The school day starts at 07:30 hours with an assembly or time for class devotions. We have an assembly all together every Monday. Lessons begin at 08:00 hours, with two lessons before a break of 30 minutes and another two lessons before a welcome hot lunch at 12:30 hours. Afternoon classes begin at 13:30 hours and finish at 14:30 hours for the lower Primary students, 15:00 hours for those in upper Primary and 15:30 hours for Secondary students.

We visit places of interest in the locality to enhance different studies. Primary and Secondary students have a week long residential visit to Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre (near Mkushi, Zambia). This enables them to develop some leadership skills and confidence. Since 2018 we take one secondary class to Kafue National Park.

The three school teams/houses are named after local places - Luano, Kasompe and Musenga. The teams compete in sports, debating and speaking competitions, arts events and other activities. One afternoon during each half term is set aside for inter-house competitions.

Amano is a member of the Independent Schools Association of Zambia (ISAZ) and participates in their activities. Science Fairs, Arts Festivals and Sports' competitions at both regional and national levels are all on the agenda. Sports events include athletics, basketball, cross country, football, hockey, netball, rugby and volleyball. These often necessitate travelling to other schools within Zambia, sometimes involving an overnight stay.

We have participated in the 'Adventure Challenge' against teams from Zambia and South Africa and earned a team spirit award for unity and persistence.