Kafue Trip and Poems

Kafue Trip and Poems

   On October the 25th, during our half term break, we the grade nines, went to Kafue National Park. We had an early start in the morning as we started off from school at 5:00, and made our way through the holes and bumps of the long trip to the biggest national park in Zambia.

   There was so much relief as we neared our destination at almost late afternoon, the sudden burst of energy swelled up in us as we looked forward to get out of the car that cooped us up like a prison for practically 11hrs!

   When we came out of the car at Musungwa lodge, all of us were in awe of the view that threw us off at first sight. The lodge was very rich in variety of facilities, for one that us students enjoyed most would probably be swimming, the swimming pool was crystal clear and naturally heated by the hot Zambian sun. Supper was kind of like a movie scene with lights hanging down the trees, looking towards the lake with local fishermen fishing for ‘kapenta’ and so on.

   Going on this trip wasn’t just for our own pleasures and wildlife sightings, but also, to grow closer to God. Our every night devotion was quite interesting, the topic that we were looking at was basically ‘world beliefs or what the world wants you to believe compared to the Truth’. Despite such an interesting topic we usually ended all falling asleep during it! The daily activities simply just drained us out!

   During this trip we learned a lot of new things and to think deeper about how national parks can affect people there and not just a tourist attraction. A fun brain working game called ‘liloba’ taught us quite well in this.

   Wednesday, the day to start off the big hunt for animals, a crazy test of your concentration ability, eye sight, and perseverance. We saw nothing for ages, but when we did… I can’t even remember what we saw first! But some of the highlights were the blue wildebeest, two big herds of them running away from us intruders. Hartebeest also known as ‘scraps and pieces’, Roan, grysbok, elephants (I think most of us even got tired of elephants in the end), birds were amazing and the huge varieties were simply wonderful to spot.

  The next day, we were very lucky to spot three cheetahs feeding on their newly hunted prey, and a thirsty massive male leopard taking a drink in the ‘river’, giant hippos etc. And a repetition of kudu, puku, and impala. But one good thing came out if it and that was some people managed to tell the difference between a puku and an impala!

   Friday, we took the long drive back to Amano, but inside the game park we were still alert and on the lookout for animals, because we were still hoping to see lions and buffaloes.

Lurking Danger: An Impala’s Perspective

Right now, its bright,

As it is day.

All’s exposed in the light,

I’m not yet prey.

The crack dawn,

Brings a sense of peace.

For I’m no longer a pawn,

My running can temporarily cease.

Within the sunshine

I can semi-relax.

Though, still alert

For possible attacks.

I will graze on grass

And bask in the sun

I wish the day won’t pass,

So, I may always have fun.

In the burning heat,

I usually rest,

My 4 babies then take a seat

Resting near my breast.

We move and dance.

We also rest some.

We bark and prance,

To warn of predator to come.

But as the sun goes,

I prepare for no sleep.

I’m aware of my foe

Who bite the flesh deep.

My eyes will track.

Follow my babies and protect my batch.

Looking sideways, forwards and back

Hoping nothing will come to catch.

In the shadow

 I can now sense,

A blood-thirsty animal,

Waiting in suspense.

I bark a loud cry,

Letting all know

“Dangers nearby,

We must go!”

Chaos settles in,

We are on the run.

All scared out of our skin,

For they have caught one.


We all go and gather

To count and see,

Who have they killed?

Maybe not any?

 1, 2, 3…

OK, my babies are here or…

Wait now I see

Where is number 4?


by Laura



Verse 1

Sunsets are joyful, sunsets are smile-ful,

they always make me happy, and are so peaceful. 


Verse 2

I love sunsets, they make me feel real, 

sunsets in Zambia are the real deal,

I love them so much that I cannot stop,

I love them till they completely drop.


Verse 3

The colours a red are beautifully displayed,

red orange yellow, some are bright some are 



Verse 4

A beauty that cannot be described, 

something so natural and uncompromised. 

A pic that I could never forget,

the bright shining unique Zambian sunset.

by Twiza

This majestic animal, a beautiful shade of grey.

They go wherever they want and they stray.

I had to pay, but it was worth it, to see the elephant and their way.


These elephants majestic and big,

They can easily take down a pig.

They are nothing like a pig,

But I do wonder, do they dig?


Elephants are just great.

To meet them one day was first rate.


by Timeyo