Kafue Class Trip

Kafue Class Trip

On Monday the 21st, the grade 10 students went on a field trip to Kafue N.P. Eight out of ten students from the grade 10 class attended the field trip. The trip was accompanied by Mrs Bachmann and Mr Grove. Our journey to Kafue was definitely an extra ordinary experience and tiresome too, but at least we arrived safely in daylight. Shortly after we headed for dinner and on the main menu we had spaghetti bolognaise or chicken and rice. The meal was delicious and the dessert too. We ended our day we a devotion.

The next day, Tuesday, we went to the hot springs and did some chemistry tests, toured the area and took pictures as well. We then went to a nearby market call ‘Mellissa’s’ and bought bread for the Thursday and Friday morning camping days. We drove back to Musungwa lodge where we spent our first two nights and had our lunch followed by siesta. Shortly after that we were given some time to chill by the poolside or to swim if you wanted to. Although it was cold season some of us still swam and had fun. After that we played a game [role play] called Liloba which was fun too.

Wednesday morning, we had our full English breakfast as usual and absolutely very tasty as well. Moving on, we arrived at the Kafue NP and as we drove to the campsite, we saw a very very very big elephant coming out of the bush right in front of the car and immediately switched off the engine, some took pictures, others sat still in fear of what might happen and Crosby prayed for survival because he thought he was going to get attacked. Finally, we arrived at our campsite, pitched our tents and rested, then did a Geography activity. As time went by, we had our supper prepared by Mr Grove and Mrs Bachmann.

Thursday morning, Mr Grove and Mrs Bachmann prepare our breakfast and we then drove to another campsite where we spent our last night before going back home. That same evening, we went on a relaxing boat ride and saw hippos and different types of animals. When we got back, we rested for a bit, had our dinner, did a devotion and went to sleep.

Friday morning, we started off at 7am but we came out of the park later than we expected because we got lost in the park. Luckily, we found our way out but unfortunately our tyre had a problem so we stopped somewhere before Solwezi, after fixing it we finally arrived in Solwezi at about 6pm, dropped Crosby of then. Thank God we reached Chingola safely. As a class we would like to show our gratitude to Mr Grove and Mrs Bachmann for a very fun and exciting trip, God bless you richly. We saw lots of puku, warthogs, hippos, different types of birds, and many different animals were a pleasure to see. Above all we thank God Almighty for keeping us all safe. It was worth it!