ISAZ under 19 rugby tournament at Trident College

ISAZ under 19 rugby tournament at Trident College

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The Amano Christian School rugby team participated in the ISAZ under 19 rugby tournament hosted at Trident College, with 6 out of 7 schools in attendance which were ourselves, Trident having 2 teams (team A&B) , Sentinal Kabitaka, Simba, Mpelembe, and Kansanshi. Unfortunately, Diggers weren’t able to attend, but it was to our benefit. Thus only 7 teams were taking part.

The tournament was divided into 2 parts with 4 teams being initially placed in each pool and the top 3 in each pool would face each other and the winner got an award.

We were in the 2nd pool with 2 other teams; Sentinal Kabitaka and Trident team B. We conceded 2 tries in the first half, we lacked pressure, support and missed quite a few tackles, but we evolved throughout the game managing to score a try by Tikondwe and a conversion made by Edward. Though we lost that game 10 – 7.

[The second game was played against Trident B. The scoreline is poor at 15 – 0 but there we times where we threatened but failed to finish off try opportunities. Another good learning opportunity.]

Since the Diggers didn’t appear we were automatically in the fight for the 3rd place shield trophy and placement 5 & 6. This game was against Simba. We did well, better than expected. We added more pressure. Thanks to Juandre who went on to make 3 tries and a conversion and man of the match. We fought to the end and gained victory of 17 – 0 winning the shield. Overall, we came 5th and learnt as we went on, improving our game and we enjoyed our time.

We would like thank Mr Grove for coaching and teaching us and as well as driving us there safely and Mr Wittmann for being there and driving us back safely. Trident for hosting and composing the event. Juandre for playing with us and aiding us throughout the games. Laura for helping videoing our IGCSE rugby players. Most importantly, we thank GOD in the grand scheme of things for making this happen, protecting us through the day that no one got seriously injured and throughout the journey making us have a fun time. We are truly grateful.

Report by C. Sensenta