Grade 8 and 9 at Sakeji

Grade 8 and 9 at Sakeji

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The trip to Sakeji is full of adventure. Whether it be the road trip, the great outdoors there or exploring more of faith and our creator God. It is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to experience new things and be stretched. Water always features a lot in Sakeji life and in July it is cold! As teachers, we learn new things about the students too. Only go swimming with Muskan if you have a lot of time on your hands. She loves the water. Vehicle breakdowns are not Shane’s favorite events, but a wonderful new experience for Hein! Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

As always we are grateful to the staff at Sakeji for an amazing time. So much is done for us over the long weekend. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Buchmann for their assistance in supervision and the Brunners, as God supplied our needs through them in an amazing way. We are grateful to Him who holds us in his hands.

I leave with a student’s thoughts:

Life is all about memories and at Sakeji I can truly say that I made a lot of memories and learned a lot about being a Christian. I learned a lot about myself and that life is truly nothing without God by my side. Sakeji really taught me a lot and it’s something I will never forget. I made new friends and we had a lot of fun events like capture the flag, movie night, netball and swimming at 6am, despite the coldness of the water, it was actually really fun. I also learned that life is not always about competition but actually about having fun and enjoying yourself. The saddest part about this trip was going home because on the last day most of us were so sad because we didn’t want to leave. My best memory of Sakeji was definitely swimming and hanging out with new people. Sakeji was really something I enjoyed because I made new friends and definitely learned more about God and it’s also something I would love to do again.

Report by S. Rautenbach

Photo’s by Stephen