Girls Volleyball

Girls Volleyball

On Friday (September 2019), the u19 girls played volleyball at Lechwe school. We played 4 games in all. Our first game was against Simba and we lost 2 sets to 0 after  a long fight. We were just catching up when sadly, they got the last point. Our 2nd game was played very well by the team, against Trident. We communicated a lot more and our movement improved greatly and so this lead to us winning 2 sets to 1. Our 3rd game was against Mpelembe, but after a rest since our last game, we switched off and again lost 2 sets to 0. Finally we played against Ndola Trust. We were very silent and uncoordinated, and went silent after 2 losses, so yet again, we lost 2 sets to 0.

I want to thank the team for keeping up a positive attitude. A brilliant down ball achieved by Stacey. A good start for new team members – Gunja and Shane. Shane’s consistent serving and some good sets by Gunja which kept the game going. Naomi’s work ethic stayed positive throughout and kept the team going. Kunda, another new member of the team made some good serves along with Chishala. And Rosemary for working hard and making some good sets. I want to thank Mr. Grove for coaching us and letting us play and mostly God for a great day and for no serious injuries.

Report by N. Grove

2019 Team L-R Stacey, Kuwunda, Keysha, Shane, Chishala, Rosemary, Natalie, Gunja.jpg
Natalie setting up Naomi
Kuwunda passing
Naomi on serve

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