25 March 2020, 18:00: Update on school procedures and further information for parents

Dear Amano community,

Further to our announcements to students, parents and teaching staff from last week, we have some more updates for you, including important information about our actions taken to comply with government regulations.

When closing our school last Friday, 20 March 2020, all students received hardcopies of study material to keep them busy for this week. All parents/students should have also received the study material by email on Friday 20/03 (secondary) or on Wednesday 25/03 (primary).

Important for parents: Please regularly check your email. If you change your email address please let our office know. If by now you have not received an email with study material for your child please get in touch with us. Parents of primary students should contact the school office by email using office@amanocs.org. Parents of secondary students should contact our Interim Principal, Mr Bachmann. His email address is sechead@amanocs.org.

In a letter dated 24 March 2020 the Ministry of General Education stated that no pupils and teachers should be going to schools until further guidance. Therefore, we had to close the school even for our teaching staff. Fortunately, most of the material had been already prepared. Only very few teachers were not able to prepare everything and some do not have access to a computer or internet from home. Secondary class tutors are collecting the study topics and material from subject teachers and at the end of this week parents should receive more material for their children to help them keep on track. We want to ensure that our pupils are not disadvantaged in their academic progress and we appeal to all parents to help and encourage their children that they keep to a study schedule.

In the face of the worldwide challenge and the many limitations, we need to work together more than ever. Amano Christian School is committed to ensure the safety of its students, parents and staff members and to comply with all government regulations.

We hope and pray that all members of the Amano Community are safe and healthy. Even more we pray that “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4:7)

Warm greetings wishing you all the best!

Management Team
Amano Christian School

17 March 2020, 15:00: Update on school procedures and further information for parents

Dear Amano community,

The management of the school is taking the opportunity to further inform you about the most recent developments and is also responding to some questions that have reached us recently.

As some of you might know we have sent a few of our students home, who showed flu-like symptoms. This was merely a preventive measure in accordance to official guidelines. There has been no confirmed case of COVID-19 – neither at Amano Christian School nor in Zambia.

We kindly appeal to everyone to refrain from posts or comments in regards to the pandemic on social media that may cause further anxiety or unrest. Please also follow our official communication to always get the latest updates and first information concerning Amano Christian School. In addition to communication by email we have also set up a special page on our webpage to keep you informed.

Following the official news and publications closely and in line with the statement made by the Minister of Health earlier today the school management has decided to close the school at 12:30 on Friday, 20 March until further notice. The management will keep the school community informed when the school will be re-opened.

In preparation for the closure of the school our team of teachers and the school management is currently discussing and planning ways to keep pupils informed about lessons and study topics to enable students to continue with their studies. We will keep you and the students informed about our implemented measures.

We are aware that this situation affects all of us. It is natural to feel uncertain and anxious not only about the health situation but also about the many restrictions and limitations that are implemented. As a school we continue to cooperate with the official channels like Ministry of Health and Ministry of General Education to support their measures to keep our community safe and to protect the health of our students, parents and staff members.

Thank you for your ongoing support, your patience and your flexibility during these challenging times.

Management Team
Amano Christian School

Update and Information about Amano Christian School’s implemented actions

and response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Amano Christian School is taking careful steps to best serve our community of students, parents, staff members and visitors in these challenging days. We have been carefully monitoring the situation and intensified our response as an organisation. In line with a press statement issued by the Ministry of Health from 14th March 2020, the school management has discussed various steps and is implementing the following points with immediate effect:

A.) Preventive Measures

a.  In addition to the already available and distributed disinfection sprays the school will set up additional handwashing stations with antibacterial soap. All classrooms, the dormitories, and offices will be equipped with these items

b. It is mandatory for all students and staff to use either the provided disinfection spray or to thoroughly wash their hands before the periods P1, P3, P5 and before lunch. It is the responsibility of teachers to make sure that students follow these rules.

c. Physical contact and greeting with handshake and hugging is to be avoided.

d. When entering an office for the first time hands need to be washed or disinfected. This does not only apply to staff and students but also to parents and visitors.

e. Our cleaning teams are working hard to sanitize our work, study, and living environments. They are extra diligent in disinfecting areas at school where there is a likelihood of germ spread such as service counters, classroom desks and door handles, and they continue to work above and beyond in sanitizing our campus.

f. All staff and students with flu-like symptoms(fever, cough, sneezing, difficulty in breathing, body weakness, sore throat, and headache) should stay at home and report to the Zambian health officials.

B.) Visitors from overseas

a. No overseas visitor will be allowed to come or visit the premises of Amano Christian School if he/she is arriving from a country that is classified as an infected country according to the WHO and if he/she has not been in Zambia for at least 14 days without showing any symptoms. The list of countries is frequently updated.

b. Anyone who is in contact with a quarantined person outside the school should not be visiting the school within 14 days.

When necessary, we will continue to give updates to students, parents and staff members. We hope this information will be helpful to you in protecting the health and well-being of all who spend time at Amano Christian School.

We are very grateful that until now we are able to continue normal school operations and it is our prayer that God would protect and help us all through these difficult times.

Management Team
Amano Christian School

Monday, 16 March 2020

Ministerial statement COVID-19 14 Mar 2020

Brochure Coronavirus Disease English

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